Temporary Body Art - Company Message
    At Peace Love and Henna we are proud to offer all natural henna temporary tattoos. We use only body art quality henna mixed with lemon juice, and pure essential oils.  Henna is a paste applied with a cone(similar in texture to cake icing),sealed, and left on the skin for 4-12 hours. The dried henna paste is then removed to reveal a stain on the skin that will last anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the area of the body it is applied and the care given to protect the stain from chlorine and scrubbing. The stain will get progressively lighter as your skin exfoliates and eventually disappear. The stain will be an orange color upon immediate paste removal and will darken to a dark brown or burgundy color over the next 48-72 hours as it oxidizes. 
     Henna is always a shade of brown in color and is never black. "Black Henna" is henna paste mixed with a chemical called PPD used often in hair dye to achieve an instant black stain. PPD is known to cause a severe reaction to the skin and leave blisters that can leave permanent scarring as well as renal failure. You can check out google images for black henna to see what a risk this really is. But be warned it is graphic and a risk that definitely outweighs the benefit.  If a black temp tattoo look is what you are going for we can offer a Temptu dura ink that is an alcohol  based liquid makeup that is waterproof and will last up to three days with care.

 For best stain results:

  Do not wash the paste off! Pick it off or use a credit card or butter knife to scrape it off.
  Use olive oil to remove any lingering paste.
  Keep your tattoo completely dry and away from water for 24 hours after paste removal.
  Protect your tattoo from water by using olive oil or a balm like Burt's Bees before showering or swimming for the life of the tattoo.
  Refrain from scrubbing and rubbing your tattoo.  A pampered tattoo is a long lasting and happy tattoo.